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Jul 16, 2016


* Callao - Mafias charge truck drivers S/ 30-50 in ‘tolls’

--- Learn about what it means to be a truck driver going through the port of Callao... In addition to facing more than 120 assaults per month when approaching the port of Callao, truck drivers must pay 30 to 50 soles to mafia extortionists in order to work peacefully... CEO of the Callao National Transport Union, Geovani Diez, notes that at least 400 businessmen and hundreds of truck drivers fall victim to criminal organizations based in the country’s primary port... According to Diez such criminal operations hurt small and medium sized businesses, as they are paying up to S/ 2,000 every two weeks just to function safely – for larger business, those that feature more than 20 trailers, the charges increase significantly... Mafias ‘tolls’ apply to more than businesses, upwards of 5,000 truck drivers who travel through the Port of Callao’s streets daily also have to pay... As reported by Peru21, “We call blocks ‘tolls’, because at every intersection we pay one or five soles, which at the end of the day make between 30 and 50 soles. If we don’t, they break the windshield, steal batteries or cut the cables of the brakes of the truck. This happens every day, “ said an anonymous truck driver... As for the police presence, the head of the Criminal Investigation Division of Callao, Colonel Martin Andres Vicente Cueto, notes that the national police are implementing the “safe corridor” plan to protect the main trucking avenues... 
(Photo by Anthony Niño de Guzmán / Peru21)   --  Callao, Peru - Peru this week, by Alex Mann - July 12, 2016

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