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Jun 29, 2016


* California - 4-Cylinder engines ready to replace 6’s in trucks

--- A pair of truck manufacturers are about to breach the wall that has confined four-cylinder diesel engines to smaller commercial-duty truck classes... Fuel-efficiency demands and tightening emissions regulations will lead to the replacement of six-cylinder diesel engines with a new generation of bigger, tough four-bangers, said Shaun Skinner, president of Isuzu Commercial Truck of America, which is about to launch a new four-cylinder delivery truck... Companies deploying four-cylinder engine trucks in their delivery fleets say they are achieving fuel savings with no loss of performance or complaints from drivers... Freightliner Trucks is also eyeing the greater use of four-cylinder engines in trucks... Other truck engine builders, though, insist that they are sticking with six-cylinder engines for Class 6 and larger trucks... Likewise, Cummins Engine says its six-cylinder diesels provide greater durability in urban-duty use and believes drivers prefer the “smoother, faster acceleration” of the bigger engines... Cummins spokesman Browne said there “is a role” for four-cylinder, medium-duty truck engines in the U.S., but only in specialized applications...
(Photo - Freightlner says its Class 6 M2-series delivery trucks will get a new 5.1-liter four-cylinder diesel engine option by the end of the year)  --, by JOHN O'DELL - June 20, 2016



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