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May 17, 2016

TRUCKERS´HEALTH * USA: Trucking a high-risk occupation

* Massachusetts - Can this millennial yogi transform the trucking industry from the inside?

--- According to a 2014 national survey, 69 percent of long-haul trucker drivers are obese; they are also twice as likely as other U.S. workers to be diagnosed with diabetes. And yet we as a nation rely heavily trucks to transport the food we eat and just about everything else we buy and sell, much to the detriment of the estimated 20 million people who work in and around the industry... These facts are not lost on Caitlin Welby, 34, the CEO and president of RFX Forward, a transportation, trucking, and logistics company that has been owned by her family since 1952... In April, Welby and her team launched a new initiative they call Permatrucking. They describe it as a “movement” intent on transforming one of the America’s dirtiest industries using permaculture—a design philosophy employed worldwide based on observing and emulating natural systems... For starters, RFX plans to give each driver would a tablet loaded with logistical information along with tricks and tips for getting physical exercise and finding healthy foods such as eggs and oatmeal... The title of the video will include the benefit of the exercise—such as energizing or stress reduction—so drivers know immediately how it might help them...
(Photo: Caitlin Welby, the new CEO of RFX Forward, hopes to market the company's services toward alternative food producers) -- Avon, MASS, USA - Civil Eats, by Leilani Clark - May 16, 2016

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