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Mar 2, 2013


* DC - Car firms: Delay rule on distracted driving

Washington,DC,USA -The Detroit News, by David Shepardson -March 2, 2013: -- Major automakers are lobbying the White House to hold off finalizing voluntary guidelines on preventing distracted driving. The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, the trade association representing Detroit's Big Three automakers, Toyota Motor Corp., Volkswagen AG and seven other automakers, wants the Transportation Department to rethink its approach by creating guidelines that would apply to both automakers and cellphone companies... Guidelines proposed in February 2012 by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are aimed at keeping drivers' focus on the task at hand. They are more restrictive in many instances, compared with guidelines that major automakers adopted about a decade ago... NHTSA's guidelines would limit device operation to one hand, leaving the other hand to remain on the steering wheel; limit to two seconds the time needed to look away from the road to operate devices for no more than 12 seconds per task; limit unnecessary visual information in the driver's field of view; and limit manual inputs required for device operation, among other proposals...



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