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Jan 31, 2013


* France - Strike call of TRM: the response of small carriers remains a great unknown 

Paris,France -The Official Carriers/WK Transport et Logistique, by Slimane Boukezzoula -1 Feb 2013: -- The slogan of unlimited strike of transport services launched in maverick by Alain Spinelli February 4, 2013 Will he follow? The Official Carriers surveyed small carriers that have signed the petition... Small carriers seem torn between the desire to be heard and their unions instructions... It is February 4, 2013 that this action should take place that fits against the establishment of future environmental tax PL, Alain Spinelli seeks annulment pure and simple... The mover Paris said he received support from nearly 400 carriers and movers in its national petition. Because it is completely isolated and it has no relay in the region, it is able to succeed his bet to stand hundreds of smaller carriers worried about their future? Carriers more likely to see, they say, 'breaking their professional organizations with realities on the ground'... Some of these smaller carriers are encartés. And they signed the petition "José Bové TRM". For now, they observe a kind of wait between his approach and strategy (dialog) seen by their respective federations...

* Belgium - Jobs in road transport increased by 1.4% in 2011 - Estimates of 0.7% in 2012

Brussels,Belgium -Autocar and Bus Infos, 19215 (France) -29 Jan 2013: -- The traditional conference on jobs and training in the road transport has confirmed once again that the transport sector (freight, passenger, moving ...) is doing well "contrary to all economic analyzes," said Maxime Dumont, President OPTL. These good results are also valid for the profession of driver, whether freight or passenger, where enrollment rose by 2% and 2.3% in 2011 compared to 2010. In 2011, the number of conductors goods stood at 334,097 and 89,579 travelers. All activities, the transportation industry employed 649,227 people in 2011. For 2012, the estimates are of the order of 0.7%, and Maxime Dumont says "there will be no loss of jobs for drivers in 2012 according to the first analysis," even if the sector goods, in particular, has experienced significant consolidation (acquisitions and sales of trucking firms) and will probably be in 2013...

* France - More precarious in 2011 transport and logistics

Paris,France -WK Transport et Logistics Magazine -1 Feb 2013: ... The OPTL Observatory (Prospective Trades and Skills in the Transport and Logistics) reported a more precarious employees... The OPTL, who has just published its annual report, confirms the good performance of the jobs in the industry in 2011... First conclusion: the transportation and logistics industry employs 649,227 workers in 2011, an increase of 1.4% of the workforce... Despite this rather positive employment insecurity increases the number of temporary full-time equivalent increased by 3% while the share of part-time employees continues to grow to 9.1% of the overall. However, employees of transport and logistics are better off than those in other sectors where the private sector more than 20% of employees are part-time... Logistics providers are the first to benefit from the upturn since the growth of employment in these companies was up 3.7%. Their numbers are younger than in other sectors of the industry: 38 years and 9 months on average against 42 years and 5 months also... Regarding training, OPTL notes the success of professional qualifications, the number increased by 25% in 2011...



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