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Aug 12, 2017


In a job market this good, who needs to work in the gig economy?

--- Uber Technologies Inc., Instacart and other gig-economy companies are straining to attract and keep the short-term laborers who give rides, shop for groceries and deliver meals at the tap of an app... Amid low unemployment and fierce competition, startups have begun offering richer perks, benefits and signing bonuses to lure on-demand workers to sign up for, and stay with, their platforms. Companies have beefed up recruiting, even touting the opportunity to join the staff full time -- a sign that maintaining a steady labor pool is growing expensive and difficult... The so-called gig economy, which is composed of part-time and freelance jobs, came on the heels of the Great Recession when high unemployment and stagnant wages made short-term workers relatively easy to find... Uber, seeking to repair rocky relations over pay and benefits with its roughly 600,000 active drivers, updated its app in July to enable tipping by customers. It has also rolled out a pilot insurance plan launched in partnership with Aon PLC to help cover on-the-job accidents... In June, Uber also committed to developing a program to help drivers take on full-time roles. More than 100 drivers have been hired into customer-support jobs across the country, according to a spokesman... 
(Photo: Stop wasting truckers' time)   --  Chicago, ILL, USA - The Morning Star/The WSJ, by Kelsey Gee - 8 Aug 2017

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