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Aug 4, 2017


* California - Senators pressure retailers to root out “shameful” labor abuse of truckers

  (Video  USA TODAY Network investigation - See: blogspot entry)

--- A group of high-profile Democratic Senators, led by Sherrod Brown of Ohio, wrote letters to the nation’s top retail CEOs Monday, demanding they crack down on trucking companies that turned their workers into modern-day indentured servants... The call to action comes in response to a yearlong USA TODAY Network investigation that found port trucking companies in California forced their drivers into debt, pressured them to work up to 20 hours a day and paid them pennies per hour... The investigation focused on trucking companies around Los Angeles, where two ports are responsible for about half of all imports brought into the country... In 2008, California officials ordered trucking companies at the ports to replace old big rigs with cleaner trucks. The companies pushed that cost onto drivers with a lease-to-own program, forcing many drivers to work around the clock. When they got sick or fell behind on payments, companies fired them, seizing their trucks and thousands they had paid in... Company owners deny the claims made by their drivers, arguing most drivers are successful, and those who aren’t have the freedom to quit... Weston LaBar, executive director of the Harbor Trucking Association, which represents port trucking companies, said most of the complaints so far have been “noise drummed up by the Teamsters union” ... 
Los Angeles, CAL, USA - USA TODAY, by Brett Murphy - July 31, 2017

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