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Aug 12, 2017


* Hangzhou - A new all-electric delivery truck is on the way, and it's not from Tesla

--- Chanje’s vision sounds a lot like Tesla’s: electric vehicles recharged via clean rooftop solar power... But the new company it’s entering what it believes to be a lucrative niche in medium-duty electric trucks... Few such trucks exist. Most medium-duty electric trucks are internal-combusion vehicles hand-converted to run on electric motors and batteries... Chanje’s trucks are not concept vehicles or prototypes. They’re ready for sale, and the Los Angeles company plans to begin selling or leasing them within weeks... Chanje is 49% owned by Hong Kong-based FDG, a maker of battery cells, battery packs and vehicles in China. Already, FDG has sold a couple of thousand Chanje vehicles in China, under the brand name Chang Jiang... Those vehicles, built in a 4 million-square-foot factory in Hangzhou, China, are shuttle buses. But the underlying platform on all Chanje vehicles was designed to be easily lengthened or shortened to accommodate vehicles of different lengths and body styles... 
(Photo from Chanje: A Chanje all-electric delivery truck. This model can carry 6,000 pounds and has a range of 100 miles)  --  Los Angeles, CAL, USA - LA Times, by Russ Mitchell - 10 Aug 2017



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