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Jul 19, 2017

MALICIOUSNESS ACCIDENTS * France: On trucks carrying hazardous materials

* Paris - Hazardous materials: Securing vehicle parking lots

--- The accidents at Bassens and Jonquières accelerated the work carried out jointly by the French Association for the Road Transport of Hazardous Materials and the Ministry of Ecology to secure vehicles when they were not on the road... "Maliciousness is the probable cause of these disasters, the carriers of which appear to be the first victims," ​​explains Marc Mortureux, Director General of Risk Prevention, hence the desire to take effective, reliable and proportionate measures "Although they may have constraints on companies, we have sought maximum realism." A study carried out by Ineris, the National Institute for the Industrial Environment and Risks, will have to confirm if this goal is reached... The draft text presented to the members of the ATMD "is not entirely closed," says Mortureux. It introduces provisions relating to parking in the annex to the TDG directive on road transport... 
(Photo: 3 explosions in an industrial area of Bassens, Bordeaux, France) -- Paris, France - ACTU Transport et Logistique - 18 July 2017

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