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Jun 19, 2017


The Streets of London

--- On the streets of London, the CLOCS (Construction Logistics and Community Safety) ticking for truck owners in the UK capital. There’s been a growing debate in the UK on how to avoid collisions between commercial vehicles and cyclists. Truck makers are showcasing the designs they have come up with to avoid cyclist fatalities... In 2011, an analysis of nine cycling fatalities involving trucks in London discovered that seven of them involved construction vehicles, triggering concerns that while the construction industry accounted for only a small-proportion of freight traffic running in and out of the nation’s capital, their trucks were ‘over represented’ in cyclist fatalities... At a CLOCS showcase, building and industrial materials supplier SIG unveiled its first ‘enhanced urban safety’ curtain-sider, based on a 6×2 Econic. The 26-tonne GVW rear-steer rigid has the 300hp-rated OM 936LA and six-speed Allison ...
London, EN, UK - Diesel, by Brian Weatherley - 16 June 2017



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