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Jun 29, 2017

TRAMFRET * France: A new freight transport experiment

* Paris - In Saint-Étienne, the goods finally take the tram

--- The project of TramFret will have taken time before to see the day ... announced for 2016 then for April 2017, it is in June of this year that the transport of goods by tram could finally be tested in Saint-Etienne. Back on a first experiment... This first test of the TramFret project finally took place a few days ago with the sign Casino . This delay is due to the fact that the TramFret project is conditioned by the decision to renew rolling stock by the tram operators. In Saint-Étienne, the new equipment was not delivered until the beginning of May, so TramFret could only start in June... Deliveries were made at the usual hours for the sign, at 6:30 am, when the tram line does not yet reach its peak of frequentation on the users side. "We were able to demonstrate that the unloading is done in less than 2 minutes with 10 rolls," welcomes Joël Danard... We must now wait for the renewals of rolling stock, which Joël Danard announces many between 2017 and 2023, especially in Paris ... 
Paris, France - ACTU Transport/Logistique - 29 June 2017

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