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May 18, 2017

CARRIERS COMPENSATION * Europe: By European truck manufacturers

* France - Carriers begin to look at the contours of compensation

--- The heavy fine of 2.93 billion € imposed in July 2016 by DG Competition builders European heavyweights (Daf Daimler, Iveco, Volvo / Renault) who agreed on prices gradually encourages carriers to study the Compensation for the damage suffered... One law firm begins collecting data to assess the damage suffered by French carriers and privileges the transaction with the manufacturers and gives itself until September before considering a legal proceeding. The Carving firm , on the other hand, tried to seek redress from the French courts, without excluding amicable solutions... The data analysis work has begun. The firms specialized in international litigation and competition law gives itself four months before considering its judicial strategy. "We will decide in September whether we are going to litigation, "... The carriers are also approached by the firm Carving, specialized in mergers and acquisitions, which advocates compensation measures before the competent courts in France (it targets fleets of more than 100 vehicles)... 
(Photo credit DR: The € 2.93 billion fine imposed by DG Competition on European truck manufacturers encourages carriers to investigate the contours of compensation for the damage suffered) -- Paris, France - ACTU Transport et Logistique, by BENOÎT BARBEDETTE & LOUIS GUARINO - 18 May 2017

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