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May 2, 2017

A DESERT TRUCK TRIP * Australia - Related from a pub veranda

* South Australia - A truck trip through the S.A. desert

(Picture: Dropping the dust of the Strzelecki, a kilometre out of town)

--- Sitting on the pub veranda, you watch the trucks come in. Dusty and battered from the desert, hundred kilometres of corrugated stony and sandy roads but travelling lighter, heading home empty... Other trucks weighed down with heavy payloads pull out of the graded pad and head out the Strez into the desert, taking another load to oil and gas camps, exploration rigs and some through to the far north-west town of Innamincka on Cooper Creek... They put on a half-decent feed at the Lyndhurst Pub and the beer is cold. This is the southern end of the Strzelecki Track. The pub is a kilometre up the track from the small town, where the dusty track joins the Oodnadatta track, a ribbon of bitumen south to Adelaide or northwards, following the old, long disused, Ghan Railway through Marree and Oodnadatta up over the Territory border through Finke to Alice Springs. The old Ghan Railway ceased to run in the 1980s... The slow plodding of the camel trains may have been replaced by the rumble of high horsepower diesel engines, but this remote silent place still today has that feel where the closeness of the various forms of old time transport, camels, railway and the early trucks are not so distant from the big modern jiggers rolling into town, a sense of achievement to successfully return to the bitumen...

Picture: A cold beer to settle the dust, watch the sun set over the Strzelecki, and a good feed at the Lyndhurst Pub

... The sun has set, and the desert wind starting to chill on the Lyndhurst Pub veranda. Time to stand, stretch an aching back and head inside to grab another beer and order a steak...
Lyndhurst, South Australia, Australia - Big Rigs - 28 April 2017

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