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May 18, 2017

$200 billion in federal spending * USA: For insfrastructures

* DC - Trump road plan would rely largely on private funding

(Video from Shelby TV - Apr 25, 2017: Construction continues on M59 from M53 to Garfield watch for an update on the road work) 

--- President Donald Trump administration’s proposal for a $1 trillion bill to improve the quality of the nation’s roads and highways will be paid for mostly by private funding that will be stimulated by $200 billion in federal spending, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao announced Monday... The remainder of the money would come from private companies that would enter into partnerships with local and state governments to provide financing that is necessary to complete expensive construction projects in exchange for revenue that would be generated by things such as road tolls or rail fares... The so-called “public-private partnerships” have been controversial because they typically involve states turning over operations and maintenance of public infrastructure to private companies that are seeking to make big profits... 
Washington, DC, USA - Detroit News, by Keith Laing - May 16, 2017



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