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Apr 27, 2017

TRUCKERS' VIEW * USA: MCTI student get it

* Pennsylvania - The largest blind spot for a truck is on the passenger’s side

--- Stroudsburg High School 10th grader Logan David sat behind the wheel of a tractor-trailer. With a look at the mirrors and then of disorientation, he said, “you can’t see anything with the mirrors” ... Knowing the capabilities of tractor-trailers and how the big rigs operate can save your life and that of others... That’s the lesson Walmart North Central Highway Safety Network tractor-trailer drivers tried impressing on Monroe County Technical Institute students Tuesday morning. Students received firsthand experience sitting behind the wheel of these large trucks... Blind spots are a major limitation for tractor-trailers. You have to see the entire truck from your mirror for them to see you and for you to pass a truck, Rodgers said. But the biggest threats to the trucks and vehicles are inattentiveness, Rodgers said... 
(Photo by Howard Frank/Pocono Record - Stroudsburg High School 10th-grader Logan David sits behind the wheel of a tracter-trailer, experienceing first hand the degree of blind spots around a big rig)   --  Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, USA - Pocono Record, by Howard Frank - Apr 25, 2017

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