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Apr 26, 2017

MAN trucks * Australia: Sales of TGX-D38 models

* Queenland - GTS Freight secures 10 MAN TGX-D38 trucks

--- Penske Commercial Vehicles (PCV) has finalised a MAN TGX‐D38 fleet deal with GTS Freight Management with 10 trucks to be delivered later in the year... According to PCV, GTS Freight Management trialled a MAN TGX‐D38 after the launch of the flagship model in Australia in October, which led to the purchase... Tailored for Australian conditions, the heavy‐duty truck is ideal for long haul transportation with a 15.2L, 560HP, six‐cylinder common rail engine, and unrivalled driver comfort and fuel efficiency... 
Goodna, QLD, Australia - Prime Mover - 21st, April 2017



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