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Apr 24, 2017

ELECTRONIC LOGGING DEVICES * USA: Mandatory in certain states

* Texas - Passes new Bill for State trucking operators

--- Truck operators in the state now have some new requirements to uphold, as Texas looks to institute electronic logging devices (ELDs) to record duty status of its drivers. The state passed a new bill that will require truck operators to begin using the tech pieces by Dec. 19, 2019, with a special exemption for agricultural operators... This announcement makes Texas the first state to issue its own ELD requirement for intrastate truckers... Some states, such as California, have already provided pushback on the code... Texas’ bill was made to step in line with the federal government’s mandate requiring the use of ELDs for interstate truckers. Though the new Texas bill simply points to the U.S. Department of Transportation code on ELDs, it is currently unclear whether the state’s laws will also include the federal exemptions... 
Austin, TXS, USA - And now you know, by Laura Hillen - Apr. 20th, 2017

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