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Mar 6, 2017


* Stockholm - Volvo concept truck completes long haul test

--- Volvo Trucks portfolio could soon feature hybrid-powered models after the Swedish manufacturer announced improvements to its concept truck. First unveiled back in 2016, the hybrid ‘Volvo Concept Truck’ now includes improvements to its aerodynamics, rolling resistance and reduced weight. The new version also features a hybrid powertrain - one of the first of its kind for heavy-duty trucks in long haul applications, according to Volvo. In long haul transportation, Volvo Trucks estimated that the hybrid powertrain will allow the combustion engine to be shut off for up to 30 per cent of the driving time. The company said it will save between 5-10 per cent in fuel, depending on the vehicle type or specification, and its drive cycle. In addition, it will also offer the ability to drive in full electric mode for up to 10 kilometres, enabling the vehicle to operate with zero emissions and low noise... 
(Photo: Volvo's Concept: Hybrid-Powered truck)  --  Stockholm, Sweden - Prime Mover (Australia) - 2nd, March 2017



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