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Mar 6, 2017


* Berlin - Daimler accelerates push into electric cars as it teams up with ChargePoint

--- Daimler AG is extending its push into electric vehicles as the lead investor in an $82 million financing round for the European expansion plans of ChargePoint, the leading charging network for electric vehicles, ahead of an expected surge in demand for battery-driven cars in Europe... The move comes as European auto makers prepare a significant push to develop electric vehicles and prepare continentwide charging networks to accommodate an expected surge in battery-driven cars on European roads... Pasquale Romano, Chief Executive of Campbell, Calif.-based ChargePoint, said the company has already begun exploring European markets and is building up staff in what are expected to be the biggest markets for electric vehicles: the Nordic countries, Germany, the U.K., France and the Netherlands... In Europe, Daimler, BMW, Volkswagen and Ford Motor Co. have joined forces to build a supercharger network along Europe‚Äôs major highways that could later include ChargePoint, analysts said... 
Berlin, Germany - The WSJ/Today Every, by William Boston - 5 March 2017



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