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Mar 22, 2017

CUMMINS & PETERBILT TRUCKS * USA: Near-zero emissions

* Texas - Peterbilt near-zero emissions trucks get California Incentive Approval

--- Regulators have approved a trio of Peterbilt trucks outfitted with a Cummins near-zero emissions natural gas engine for California’s green truck purchase assistance incentive program... Qualified buyers under the state’s Hybrid Vehicle Incentive Program can receive vouchers to offset the price of the 2017 Peterbilt Model 320, the 2017 Model 520 and the 2018 Model 567. All the trucks must have Cummins’ ISL-G engine... Cummins introduced the near-zero engine last year and Peterbilt was one of the first truck makers to add it to its lineup... The incentive will help California-based buyers interested in the natural gas engine’s cleaner emissions defray the additional cost of the advanced technology... 
 Denton, Texas, USA -, by JOHN O'DELL - MARCH 20, 2017

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