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Feb 14, 2017

UD Trucks * South Africa - Positive outlook for 2017

* Pretoria - UD Trucks sales in 2016 were 28,144 units 

--- While 2017 is expected to be another difficult year for South Africa’s automotive industry, some remain positive that this year will see an improvement over the difficult 2016 period... UD Trucks Southern Africa Managing Director Rory Schulz believes that, considering the economic and political challenges South Africa faced in 2016, the truck market fared reasonably well. He argues that the 2016 market was at its lowest since 2009, but truck sales were still considerably better than they were at that time, with 28,144 units sold. However, most segments took quite a knock from previous years... The light duty vehicle market was the hardest hit, down 18%. The heavy duty segment also took a knock of 10.1%, while the medium duty market – what Schulz calls the ‘bread and butter’ of the truck market – only experienced a 4% decrease... According to Schulz the medium duty segment was tracking well most of the year but took a hard knock over the November/December period... 
(Photo: UD Trucks’ Quester range)   --  Rosslyn. Pretoria, South Africa - Infrastructurene, by Danielle Petterson - January 20, 2017



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