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Feb 9, 2017

NEW TRUCKS ORDERS * USA: Soared to a 14-month high in January

* Indiana - Orders for new big-rigs jump in January

--- North American orders for new big rigs soared to a 14-month high in January, a sign that the trucking industry is preparing for a rebound in freight demand... Fleet owners ordered 22,200 heavy-duty trucks last month, a 21% increase from a year earlier and the most since late 2015, according to ACT Research... Trucking companies had scaled back vehicle orders for most of last year, as uneven economic growth and a struggling manufacturing sector curbed freight demand, leaving too many trucks available to move cargo. But volumes, and the rates fleets charge customers, have picked up in recent months. Truck orders rose from December to January, indicating some companies that were on the fence about expanding their fleets saw enough positive signs in the freight market to take the plunge, said analysts with FTR, a transportation research firm that put out similar numbers to ACT on Friday... 
(Photo: BLOOMBERG NEWS - Employees install engines onto truck chassis at a Mack Truck Inc. assembly plant in Macungie, Pa)  --  Columbus, IND, USA - The WSJ, by ERICA E. PHILLIPS - Feb. 3, 2017



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