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Feb 10, 2017

GREEN "SCANIA" TRUCKS * UK: New trucks fueled by food waste

* England - UK grocer first in Europe to use new trucks fueled by food waste

--- A British supermarket, the Waitrose grocery chain, has become the first retailer in Europe to use a new type of tank that keeps trucks motoring on fuel made from food waste for 500 miles, almost twice the current average... Gas provider CNG Fuels said the upmarket grocery chain had added 10 trucks to its fleet, all powered by renewable biomethane gas, which emits 70 percent less carbon dioxide than diesel... Biomethane gas is made from food waste, which is also a source of greenhouse gases... The lorries, manufactured by Swedish truck maker Scania, can run on the green fuel for 500 miles, 200 miles more than the average, thanks to a carbon fiber tank that is lighter and holds more gas, the companies said in a joint statement... 
(Photograph: PR Company Handout: The biomethane fuel is derived from food waste and can be only be used in trucks with gas engines)   --  Bracknell, Berkshire, England. UK - The Thomson Reuters Foundation, by Umberto Bacchi - 9 FEB 2017

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