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Feb 14, 2017

FAW Trucks * South Africa: Impressive year on year growth

* Eastern Cape - FAW marks a memorable 2016

--- FAW Vehicle Manufacturers SA started modestly over 20 years ago selling trucks locally, but in recent years it has stepped up to the plate. In the last three years FAW SA committed over $100 million in local plant, infrastructure, job creation and training... One of the most recent achievements was on 31 August when the Coega based plant, which has only been fully operational for just over two years, saw its 2 000th locally built truck roll off the production line... Of the most recent achievements added to the list of successes was in November when FAW’s 8 tonner 15 180FL achieved year on year growth of 19.4% with 289 units sold this year, compared to the same period last year... Jianyu Hao, CEO of FAW SA concludes: “The indications for 2017 remain largely similar to 2016. However, the opportunities are there and the chance of a one to three per cent growth is possible" ... 
(Photo: A Faw-15 180 truck) -- Coega, Eastern Cape, SA - Infrastructurene, by Danielle Petterson - December 23, 2016



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