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Jan 5, 2017

VOLVO * Sweden: Truck runing against a car racer

Östergötland - Watch Volvo truck beat S60 racer on drag strip

(Video from Volvo Trucks - Dec 12, 2016: For the first time ever, two Swedish titans facing each other on the race track. The Iron Knight, world’s fastest truck – twice, racing against the winner of the FIA WTCC Race in Shanghai, China - The Volvo S60 Polestar TC1. Watch the two giants in a quarter mile drag race and a classic duel around the Mantorp track in Sweden) 

--- The Iron Knight gets another outing, humiliating the Swedish car-maker's WTCC racer in a straight line; S60 Polestar takes revenge on circuit... Producing 300kW and weighing in at just 1100kg, the racer struggled with traction and The White Knight walked it... The WTCC racer reclaimed some glory later on though, on a tight and twisting circuit, but by then it was too late: truck had beaten car... Earlier in the year the custom-built truck set an FIA-verified acceleration record for a truck, recording a 13.7-second sprint to 500 metres and a 21.3sec dash to 1000m... 
Mantorp, Sweden - Motoring (UK) - December 15, 2016



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