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Jan 4, 2017

DRIVING 18-WHEELERS * USA: How cars interact with semis

* Florida - Truckers: ‘Road rage’ getting worse, not better

--- If commuters only understood. That is the prevailing mentality of truck drivers when it comes to courtesy, and the lack thereof, on Florida’s highways... Jacksonville-based truckers say if people better understood the challenges of driving 18-wheelers, they’d be less inclined to spar with them on the roads... Lane changes and merging trigger the vast majority of road rage between trucks and other vehicles, the drivers said. That’s especially true of cars squeezing in front of tractor-trailers, forcing them to slam on the brakes... Hitting the brakes hard on a truck causes dysfunction in the braking system and can shift the truck’s load out of balance, truck drivers said... One potential solution to road rage Newcomb suggested was mandatory education on how cars interact with semis when drivers get their licenses... 
(Don Burk/Florida Times-Union file photo - Jacksonville-based truckers say that road rage on Florida’s highways is only getting worse, and that other truckers are often part of the problem)  --   Jacksonville, FL, USA - The Florida Times Union, by Benjamin Conarck - 3 Jan 2017



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