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Dec 10, 2016

WINTER TROUBLES * Canada: Straight through your windshield

* New Brunswick - Ice and snow tumbles from semi truck and shatters passing car's windshield

(Video by jeffrey cote - Dec 30, 2015: An ice sheet flew off the top of an SUV and destroyed my windshield, bent my wiper arm, and damaged my side mirror. Occurred at 8:45AM 12/30/15 on I-495S at Mile 112.8) 

--- A man and his wife got a nasty, wintry surprise this week when a chunk of snow fell from a semi truck and shattered the windshield on their car on a Canadian freeway (SEE VIDEO)... According to the UPI, Kevin McGraw and his wife were traveling along a stretch of freeway near Moncton, New Brunswick on a cold, snowy November 30. McGraw was passing a semi-truck in the left lane when a large slab of ice and snow lifted away from the top of the truck's trailer and smashed into McGraw's car. The icy missile shattered the car's windshield, showering McGraw's wife with bits of safety glass but thankfully not penetrating into the cabin. McGraw was able to get his stricken car across the freeway to the right shoulder while the trucker, blissfully unaware of the chaos he'd just caused, continued on his way... The American Automobile Association states in an Alexandria News article that drifted, compacted snow on top of a moving vehicle may weigh as much as 20 pounds per cubic foot... More than half of US and Canadian semi truck drivers surveyed in a 2009 study by the American Transportation Research Institute admitted that they "rarely or never" clear accumulated snow from their vehicles despite the fact that roughly 35% of truckers surveyed could relate a story about snow or ice falling from a moving truck and harming passing motorists... 
Moncton, New Brunswick, CAN - Autoblog, by Jason Marker - Dec 8th 2016

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