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Dec 7, 2016

USPS SPECIAL TRUCKS * USA: The next-generation prototype of its mail delivery one

* DC - USPS chooses six companies to compete in truck design prototype challenge

---  The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) has narrowed the field of finalists for designing the next-generation prototype of its mail delivery truck. The six companies will now design, build and deliver a total of 50 vehicles within one year, after which the USPS will put them through their paces for six months before selecting one winner. The company selected to supply 142,000 new vehicles for the fleet will be awarded a $6.3 billion contract... Each of the six finalists is receiving contract awards valued at $37.4 million to build the prototypes. On the list are: 
 1 - AM General, a military and commercial vehicle manufacturer; 
 2 - Karsan, a Turkish commercial vehicle manufacturer; 
 3 - Mahindra, an Indian conglomerate and automotive manufacturer; 
 4 - Oshkosh, a maker of commercial and military specialty trucks; 
 5 - Spartan Motors’ Utilimaster, a manufacturer of walk-in and parcel delivery vans and truck bodies; and 
 6 - VT Hackney, a division of ST Engineering, a Singapore-based aerospace, electronics and military contractor. 

...  The new vehicles that will be joining the USPS fleet in the coming years are expected to have the same long-term value as the models they will be replacing. The delivery trucks are also going to be well suited for last mile delivery needs... Looking to the future, the Postal Service is realizing it needs this type of truck and technology to compete in an increasingly e-commerce-focused world... 
Washington, DC, USA - Fleet Equipment, by Seth Skydel - Dec 6, 2016

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