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Dec 8, 2016

U-HAUL trucks * USA: Stolen for crimes

* Georgia - U-Haul business owner says thieves using stolen trucks for crimes

--- A DeKalb County U-Haul dealer says a group of thieves keep stealing his trucks and using them for smash-and-grabs... Channel 2’s Craig Lucie went to Terry's Auto Care Center and U-Haul in Lithonia Tuesday where video captured the thieves breaking in over and over again (SEE VIDEO) ... Owner Dorian McKelvey showed Channel 2 Action News video of a 'burglary crew' finding different ways to steal the keys to his U-Haul trucks... “This is when a customer pulled up and they ran off,” McKelvey said. “They ain’t stopping at nothing” ... He said in one night, the men stole five trucks and that's not all... 
(Photo: Thieves stealing U-Haul trucks in Lithonia) -- Lithonia, GA, USA - WSBtv, by Craig Lucie - Dec 7, 2016

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