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Dec 9, 2016


* DC - Rules to curb sleepy truck drivers are breaking down

--- The trucking industry scored a victory this week when Republican lawmakers effectively blocked Obama administration safety rules aimed at keeping tired truckers off the highway. But there’s more coming down the road... The American Trucking Associations is pledging to come back next month, when Republicans will control the White House and Congress, and try to block state laws that require additional rest breaks for truckers beyond what federal rules require. The group says there should be one uniform national rule on work hours for interstate truckers... (SEE VIDEO) ... The trucking industry’s latest triumph has caused concern among safety advocates that it may signal the start of a broad rollback of transportation safety regulations once there’s no longer a Democratic president to check the tendency of Republican lawmakers to side with industry... Self-employed trucker George Lafferty, 61, of Henry, Ill., said during a truck-stop interview along Interstate 81 after dropping off a load of yeast at a livestock-feed plant: "I don't see how the government can tell you when to sleep and when not to" ...
(Photo: Feds propose speed limiting devices on trucks and buses) -- Hagerstown, MD, USA - AP/CBS News - December 8, 2016

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