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Dec 11, 2016

The Transportation Worker Identification Card * USA - The TWIC card

* DC - US truck lobby urges broader use of TWIC card

---  The head of the largest US trucking lobby believes costly multiple background checks and identification methods for truck drivers should be replaced with one single card. Fortunately, we already have it — the Transportation Worker Identification Card, or TWIC... The TWIC card should be the sole identification issued to truck drivers for security purposes, Chris Spear, president and CEO of the American Trucking Associations, told a Senate subcommittee Wednesday... The goal should be one card, one security threat assessment, or STA... Since the TWIC program took effect nine years ago, more than 3.5 million TWIC cards have been issued, and 2.1 million are currently active. About 700,000 truck drivers have acquired TWIC cards since 2007, Spear said. The cards, however, aren’t accepted as proof of an STA background check when drivers apply for other credentials, such as HMEs... 
 (Photo: Customs officers check a TWIC card at the Port of Baltimore) -- Washington, DC, USA - JOC, by William B. Cassidy - Dec 08, 2016

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