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Dec 8, 2016

AMAZON LOCKERS * USA: The troubles

* California - Here’s the problem with those Amazon lockers

--- lockers started showing up en masse at Sacramento-area retail sites this fall, allowing online shoppers to retrieve Amazon orders in a secure setting and thwart would-be package thieves... But as some Amazon users have discovered, the high volume of holiday packages sometimes means the bright yellow lockers are full, leaving shoppers to opt for sending packages home or elsewhere... Amazon has touted the lockers as a more secure way to make deliveries, with no packages sitting unattended on front porches, a temptation for roaming thieves, also known as “porch pirates” ... Even so, in September, Amazon officials privately conceded that the number of online orders might exceed the available space in lockers during the holiday season, a situation the company said it planned to monitor... 
 (Photo by Mark Glover/ - lockers, which are now at many Sacramento-area retail sites, allow online shoppers to retrieve their orders in a secure setting and thwart would-be porch package thieves. This one is at a Sacramento Safeway)   --   Sacramento, CAL, USA - The Sacramento Bee, by Mark Glover - DEC 4, 2016

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