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Nov 8, 2016

Victorian Freight Specialists (VFS) * Australia

* Victoria - VFS and its one per cent rule

---  If the National Transport Commission’s (NTC) most recent effort to quantify Australia’s road freight task is anything to go by, there is a distinct divide in the transport industry between internationally renowned names such as Toll, Linfox and K&S, and a fragmented majority of small businesses filling in wherever the top three decide not to compete... According to Clayton Forbes, CFO at Melbourne transport business, Victorian Freight Specialists (VFS), however, there is a third, less visible category hidden somewhere in between – one where nimble business practices meet tier-one professionalism to serve highly specialised niche markets that operate in what he likes to call a Victoria and southern New South Wales ‘neutral zone’...  With a strong focus on servicing regional Victoria and southern New South Wales, VFS exposed one such market niche when it came on the scene in 1998 and quickly started taking ownership of it. “Our success came by staying out of everyone’s way,” Clayton says. “We sit somewhere in the middle, on the side, and get on with everyone.” ...
 (Photo: VFS and its one per cent rule When a new leadership team took the helm at Victorian Freight Specialists about a decade ago, it scrutinised every aspect of the company to find that extra per cent of performance – from procurement all the way through to marketing) -- Altona, VIC, USA - Prime Mover - November 2016 issue



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