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Nov 29, 2016

TRUCKERS' SHORTAGE * USA: In Alabama too !

* Alabama - Drivers wanted: truckers most sought-after employees in 

--- In Alabama, truck drivers are the most sought-after employees, and the demand continues to rise... (see video) ... The Department of Labor reports the number of online ads for drivers has jumped from 46,716 in 2014 to 80,597 a year later... It might seem like there are a lot of trucks on the highway, but according to the Alabama Trucking Association, we're 80,000 drivers short nationally. Experts say that number will jump to 120,000 by 2020, and that would be crippling... That's because trucks carry many of the things you use every day... In fact, 86 percent of Alabama communities depend exclusively on trucks to move their goods... If you do want to become a truck driver, experts suggest you do your research, look into potential companies and determine if it really is the job for you. Out of the 20 students who complete the course each term at Trenholm, approximately 30 percent find out it isn't the career for them and turn to a different profession... 
Montgomery, ALA, USA - 12 WSFA, by Hannah Lane - November 24th 2016

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