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Oct 15, 2016

* USA Truck: Increases pay for its independents

* Arkansas - Touts fuel discounts along with maintenance benefits in addition to 33 cent per mile pay boost

--- TL carrier USA Truck said it boosted pay rates for new independent contractors by 33 cents a mile effective October 1; raising pay from $1.02 per mile to $1.35 per mile for them, depending on length of haul... The company added that its independent contractors will also receive substantial discounts on retail fuel prices at all “in-network” fuel stops, along with preferred labor rates and discounted parts when they take their equipment to USA Truck maintenance facilities...
 (Photo USA Truck - Stifel Capital Markets noted that USA Truck is the middle of a "transformational turnaround period" since struggling through the Great Recession) -- Van Buren, ARK, USA - Fleet Owner - 13 Oct 2016

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