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Oct 21, 2016

TRUCKERS' SHORTAGE * USA: Increased assistance for female trainees

* California - Trucking firms rethink training to attract more female truck drivers

--- Trucking companies are making training programs more appealing to women in the hopes it will help the carriers expand their driver applicant pool and allow them to attract more female truck drivers... Carriers have increased assistance for female trainees by offering more practice time in truck driving simulators, creating internal support groups and adding female driver liaisons. They’ve added sexual harassment awareness and self-defense classes to training curriculums so women feel safer on training runs and can better respond in abusive situations... To recruit more women, some carriers now let existing drivers — predominately men — train their spouses. Other companies have expanded military veteran recruiting to promote trucking jobs to women retiring from active duty. A number of carriers also fund scholarships for female high school graduates and career changers interested in transportation industry jobs... 
(Photo) -- CAL, USA -, by MICHELLE RAFTER - OCTOBER 19, 2016

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