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Oct 1, 2016


* Indiana - Trucking’s autonomous revolution is nigh, and it may be prickly

--- Trucking’s future — and automation’s role within it — highlighted several sessions at FTR’s annual conference earlier this month... Likewise, Navistar International CEO Troy Clarke said he foresees the industry relying on automation heavily by 2035. By that date, the U.S. will have 35 mega-cities connected by major freeways, on which tractor-trailers will operate in an autopilot mode... In such a scenario, truck drivers would manually drive their vehicles to the freeways, then engage an on-highway autonomous system that frees the driver from operating the vehicle on the highway, Clarke says “You’d have a system that’s very analogous to an airline pilot”... If the industry could achieve 100 percent asset utilization, carriers would need half the number of trucks and half the number of drivers they do now. Highways would also need less maintenance, he said... FTR’s Perry estimates that a fully automated tractor-trailer would save fleets’ more than $1 a mile in operating costs. About half of that comes from driver wages, with the rest spread out among lower insurance costs, better fuel economy and higher productivity of automated trucks... 
(Photo: Future trucks autonomous)   --  Indianapolis, IND, USA - Overdrive, by James Jaillet - September 27, 2016

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