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Oct 18, 2016

Schneider National Carriers Inc. * USA: Will pay $28 million

* California - Schneider National settles truckers’ lawsuit for $28M

--- Schneider National Carriers Inc. will pay $28 million to settle a long-standing dispute over wages for meal and rest breaks for drivers in California... The settlement, disclosed last week, ends a class-action lawsuit filed in 2008 by drivers who said they were not paid for breaks or for waiting at docks for their cargo to be loaded or unloaded... The lawsuit affects about 7,700 current or former Schneider drivers in California... In a 2014 ruling, the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed that California could enforce its own meal and rest break requirements for the trucking industry. The trucking industry has fought to reverse that decision... The lawsuit claimed that Schneider failed to pay California drivers minimum wage, a violation of the California Labor Code, and failed to pay employees wages for vacation time, personal days off and other paid leave owed when they left the company. Drivers also alleged in the suit that the company failed to keep accurate pay records of wages that drivers earned while working in California... 
(Photo: Jason MIller/Flickr - Schneider National truck) -- Sacramento, CAL, USA -, by Clarissa Hawes - Oct 17, 2016



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