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Oct 15, 2016

PORT TRUCKERS * USA: Use GPS to measure turn times

* New York & New Jersey: Truckers tested system to reducing dock delays

--- The main trucker advocacy group at the Port of New York and New Jersey is preparing to launch a satellite-based system to compile data on truck turn times at the port’s five main terminals in an effort to prod terminals into reducing delays... The Association of Bi-State Motor Carriers in recent weeks has tested the system with information from 800 to 900 trucks fitted with global positioning system devices. The data are used to measure queue times outside gates and the time that vehicles spend inside terminals... Association officials hope the data will highlight concerns about the difficulties their drivers endure when taking containers in and out of the nation’s third-busiest port. Sporadic bouts of congestion and delays in recent years have routinely increased queue and turn time at some terminals to well above an hour on the best days, and often to several hours... 
(Photo: Harbor truckers hope the new system will provide the information needed to make improvements that will help revent long truck lines such as the one pictured)  --  Newark, NJ, USA - JOC, by Hugh R. Morley - Oct 13, 2016



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