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Oct 21, 2016

"Driver-a-Check" MISTAKES * USA: Truckers say disputes are depriving them of jobs

* California -  Driver-Screening firms draw scrutiny. Faulty background checks, difficulties resolving disputes

--- Commercial driver background checks have become a lightning rod in the trucking industry, drawing ire from those who say they have been wrongly barred from jobs due to inaccuracies in these employment-history reports... Records compiled through public filings are a routine part of the application process for many jobs. But truck drivers face an extra layer of scrutiny in the form of “Drive-a-Check” or “DAC” reports, which contain employer-provided work histories, including accidents and alleged unethical behavior, such as abandoning a delivery mid-route... These dossiers, compiled since 2008 by Irvine, Calif.-based HireRight LLC, can be an extra barrier to employment for millions of truck drivers in the U.S. Even a single unfavorable incident in a report can spell the end of a driving career. HireRight has smaller rivals, but it far outpaces similar companies and runs about 2 million background checks on truckers each year, exposing it to more legal challenges... Some drivers say they have been wrongly barred from jobs due to inaccuracies in their DAC reports, and that HireRight and its rivals don’t do enough to verify claims or correct mistakes... TaNia Chapman says she couldn’t find work as a truck driver for years because a background check included an accident that she maintains never happened. She sued HireRight in federal court in 2013 alleging the company failed to remove the information in her report after she informed them of the mistake, and it failed to include her rebuttal statement, which is required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. HireRight, which declined to comment on the lawsuit, settled out of court. Ms. Chapman’s lawyer said terms of the deal prevented her from speaking publicly about it... Ms. Chapman said the alleged accident has since been removed. But she hasn’t driven a truck for so long that she would need additional training, which she said she can’t afford... 
(Photo The WSJ, by THEO STROOMER - Former driver TaNia Chapman at a truck stop in Commerce City, Colo., in September. Ms. Chapman says she lost her job as a trucker over information in a background check and has been unable to get a driving position since) -- Irvine, CAL, USA - The WSJ, by LORETTA CHAO - Oct. 19, 2016

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