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Oct 2, 2016


* England - London bans the most dangerous trucks from its streets

--- Cyclists in London got some good news on Friday. The city is planning to ban some of the most dangerous big transport trucks from its streets, which are known to the Brits as "lorries" ... Lorries are the highest cause of cycling deaths in the city. That's why London Mayor Sadiq Khan decided some of them had to go... “It’s only certain lorries. It’s only the most dangerous. And this ban is only going to come into effect in 2020," Leo Hornak said. “It means that we will wait another four years for cycling safety to change drastically" ... But that's a cyclist's point of view, he acknowledges. What about the many businesses and other ventures in the city that depend on large shipments?... “You can’t really fit out a large luxury hotel or restaurant with supplies on the back of two wheels. These kinds of major cities require large quantities of goods to be moved around. And we don’t really have a solution to that yet," he said... 
(Photo credit, by Stefan Wermuth/Reuters: A commuter cycles in central London on November 15, 2013. The deaths of five cyclists in just nine days on the road this month in London have prompted calls for the city to speed up road safety measures in the capital)   --  London, EN, UK - PRI's, The World - September 30, 2016

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