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Sep 9, 2016

VW's BATTLE * Worldwide: On emissions claims

* Germany - VW facing uphill battle outside the U.S. in emissions claims

--- The auto maker is being pursued by authorities and plaintiffs’ lawyers around the globe who hope to replicate an expensive settlement in the USA... Governments, investors and car owners around the world are gaining ground in efforts to pressure Volkswagen AG for settlements over its emissions-cheating scandal, aiming for terms similar to a $15 billion U.S. agreement... From Australia to South Korea to Ireland, governments and consumers are ratcheting up legal and regulatory demands in part because such moves in the U.S. yielded a speedy shift to contrition from combativeness... In many of the countries where Volkswagen still faces legal action, it is arguing the so-called defeat device on its diesel engines wasn’t illegal or the car emissions didn’t violate local rules, according to court records and documents reviewed by The Wall Street Journal... If the efforts succeed, the costs to resolve the diesel scandal could rise well beyond the €18.4 billion ($20.5 billion) the company has set aside. Of the roughly 11 million vehicles affected by Volkswagen’s yearslong effort to cheat on diesel emissions standards, about 10.4 million are outside the USA...
(Photo by Ahn Young-Joon/AP: A Volkswagen outside a dealership in Seoul, South Korea, earlier this month)  --  Wofsburg, Germany - The WSJ, by William Boston - Aug 23, 2016



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