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Sep 19, 2016

TRUCKS ON TRAIN * South Africa - Transport tested in

* Johannesburg - Hybrid trucks running on railways set to revolutionise transport

--- In a move that could have a dramatic effect on the country's long-haul trucking industry, Transnet announced this week it had signed an agreement on a freight service in which privately owned road trucks will run over its rail network... The project - a joint venture between Transnet Freight Rail and RailRunner SA - will see a test train of truck trailers being hauled on rail bogies on the Cape corridor in the first half of next year... This means that the containers do not need to be lifted off the truck... So, the RailRunner system will allow truckers to focus on the "last mile" part of the logistics chain where rail cannot operate...
 (Photo: Trucks on a train) -- Johannesburg, S.A. - The Times Live, by PAUL ASH - 18 Sept 2016

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