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Sep 27, 2016

TRUCKS ART * Pakistan: Decorated commercial vehicles

* Islabamad - Colorful artwork on trucks

--- It’s everywhere. Anything bigger than a pickup truck — from school buses to city mass transit buses to semi-trucks, even garbage trucks — are decorated on the front, the back and on both sides, with colorful artwork. In fact, I can’t remembering seeing a large truck that wasn’t fully decorated... Sometimes the artwork is painted directly on the vehicle. But most of the time there are huge panels attached to the sides of the trucks with multiple smaller panels painted in a variety of bright colors... It is clearly part of Pakistan’s cultural identity and a point of pride for many people in the country. I’ll be the first to tell you that there are parts of Karachi, my current location, that aren’t very pretty. It’s a city of 20 million people and a considerable segment of the population lives in extreme poverty... But in America, our big trucks can be a bit ugly, so Pakistan has that on America. It seems to be prevalent on privately owned as well as fleet trucks, and even has migrated to some smaller vehicles such as the three-wheeled taxis that dominate the streets or food vendor carts parked on the sidewalks... 
(Photo: Colorful decorations completely cover Pakistani trucks, like this one parked in the capital of Islamabad) -- Karachi, Pakisan - The Tribune (CO, USA), by Randy Bangert - 24 Sept 2016

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