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Sep 20, 2016

TRUCKINGS' AMNESTY * USA: For misclassifing drivers

* California - Trucking Companies file for employee misclassification amnesty protection

--- While two California-based trucking companies have accepted an amnesty deal for trucking companies that have allegedly misclassified employees, a U.S. agency has ruled that another transportation firm improperly classified its drivers as independent contractors... The amnesty program has languished for months with no takers. But recently, Shippers Transport Inc. and Gonzalo Trucking Inc. both applied for amnesty under the Motor Carrier Amnesty Program, Paola Laverde, spokeswoman for California‚Äôs Department of Industrial Relations, told ... The program allows carriers to pay back wages, benefits and taxes owed to misclassified drivers and change their work status from independent contractor to employee. In return, the trucking companies would be relieved of any liability that could result in fines and other penalties... The amnesty deal ends Jan. 1, 2017... 
(Photo: Port of Long Beach - Drayage trucks work a terminal at Port of Long Beach) -- Long Beach, CAL, USA -, by CLARISSA HAWES - SEP 19, 2016



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