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Sep 30, 2016

TROUBLES IN TRUCKING * Australia - TWU: ATA and NatRoad are in denial

* ACT - It's time to find long-term solutions to problems in trucking

--- TWU national secretary Tony Sheldon says transport companies will continue to be bullied until enforceable standards are put back in place to stop clients from doing so... The Transport Workers Union (TWU) says the Australian Trucking Association (ATA’s) contract checklist does not address the issues facing the transport sector... The union accuses ATA and the National Road Transport Association (NatRoad) of aiding and abetting forces that led to the escalation of certain problems in the industry, including late payments for drivers... "The association opposed enforceable standards which guaranteed truck drivers payment for work within 30 days," a TWU statement states. This system [the 30-day payment rule] would have made transport businesses more sustainable, allowing them to pay owner-drivers and employee drivers better rates and maintain their fleets" ... "Now it is trying to demonstrate it is doing anything for transport companies by coming up with a pathetic checklist for companies when signing contracts" ... "Pressure on trucking leads to fatigued drivers under pressure to take risks" ... "But even on this the ATA and NatRoad are in denial: they continually try to explain away the horrific number of deaths and injuries on the roads by comparing today’s statistics with statistics from over 30 years ago when many cars were not even equipped with seat belts" ... Sheldon says ATA "It must stop acting [as an] apologist for wealthy clients"... 
(Photo: Driver at Cropline Haulage)   --  Canberra, ACT, Australia - Owner Driver - 29 Sept 2016

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