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Sep 27, 2016

TRAFFIC CONGESTION * Australia: Costs almost $14 billion a year.

* New South Wales: Only Sydney bears brunt of $3.3B in losses to gridlock

--- Sydney is the official gridlock capital of Australia, according to new data that shows traffic congestion is costing businesses in the nation's biggest cities more than $3.3 billion a year... The Tom Tom Traffic Index Report has revealed that despite more commercial vehicles being registered in Melbourne, Sydney's congestion levels are the highest in the country... However, while the NRMA says the figures come as no surprise, it argues that major infrastructure projects currently under way offer some light at the end of the tunnel... The Tom Tom report says traffic congestion has risen 8 per cent in Sydney over the past eight years, making it the 30th most congested city in the world and costing Sydney businesses $980.79 million a year... Tom Tom rates the city's traffic congestion level at 36 per cent after estimating that Sydney drivers spend an extra 151 hours on the road each year due to delays...
 Sydney, NSW, Australia - The Business News. by Nick Nichols - 23 September 2016

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