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Sep 5, 2016

"OTTO" TRUCKMAKERS * USA: Sued for trademark infringement

* California - Otto, the self-driving trucking startup bought by Uber, is being sued

--- Otto, a self-driving trucking startup built by ex-Googlers, darted into the spotlight earlier this month when Uber acquired it for a reported $680 million. So did Clearpath Robotics, a Canadian maker of autonomous robots that includes a division of self-driving warehouse robots named—you guessed it—Otto... Clearpath is now suing Uber’s Otto, the full name of which is Ottomotto, for infringing on its “Otto” trademark. According to the complaint submitted to US District Court for Northern California on Aug. 24, Clearpath is worried that Otto’s use of the “Otto” brand “is likely to cause confusion, mistake or deception as the affiliation, connection or association of Defendant with Plaintiff” ... In the meantime, Uber’s lawyers can busy themselves with yet another lawsuit. Earlier this month, a federal judge rejected Uber’s proposed $100 million settlement with drivers in California and Massachusetts in a class action over whether they should be classified as employees instead of independent contractors... Sacramento, CAL, USA - QUARTZ -



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