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Sep 30, 2016

NAVISTAR´s news - USA: * Super Truck improved freight efficiency by 104% - ** $9M settlement to end suit

* Illinois - Navistar SuperTruck doubles freight efficiency

--- Navistar announced today its SuperTruck demonstration vehicle, dubbed CatalIST, improved freight efficiency by 104%... That’s more than double what the US Department of Energy (DOE), which funded the project, had called for. The control vehicle was a 2009 International ProStar. Navistar says the SuperTruck achieves fuel mileage of 13 mpg and demonstrates 50.3% brake thermal efficiency... Predictive cruise control is one example of a significant technology developed through the SuperTruck project, the company says. It looks ahead of the vehicle and recognizes the terrain, selecting the most efficient speed and gear for optimal fuel economy... Through the project, Navistar also: improved integration of its N13 engine; reduced aerodynamic drag by replacing mirrors with cameras; used a new, smaller LED headlamp to reduce lamp size and improve aero; redeveloped the shape with a sloped windshield and wedged cab; used lighter-weight materials; developed a hybrid front suspension and lightweight rear suspension using composite materials; and improved trailer drag coefficient by more than 30%... 
(Photo: The International ProStar by Navistar)   --  Lisle, ILL, USA - Truck News - 28 Sept 2016

** Illinois - Shareholders suing Navistar say $9M settlement best way to end suit over low-emissions engine claims 

--- Truck maker Navistar has moved nearer the end of the road in a legal fight over whether it had misled investors about its chances to build a new truck engine both in line with federal emissions requirements and superior to those made by competitors... For years, according to the lawsuit, Navistar had promised investors it would roll out a new truck engine, referred to as the “Advanced Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR)” model, which the lawsuit said would have represented “an engineering milestone” ... The assertions, the complaint said, pushed Navistar’s stock price to as much as $70 per share in 2011... However, the company in 2012 then backtracked, formally announcing its efforts to build the Advanced EGR engine had failed, and it would adopt the same technology used by its competitors to ensure its trucks met the emissions requirements. The news came after the company had announced losses in the preceding quarter... In light of such challenges, Navistar said the $9.1 million settlement, with $2 million for plaintiffs attorneys, represented the best possible outcome for class members and the best chance to avoid further costly litigation for both sides... 
Chicago, ILL, USA - Cook County Record, by Jonathan Bilyk - Sep. 29, 2016



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