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Sep 21, 2016

FEDEX Corp. news * USA: Shipping rates Up in 2017

* Tennessee - FedEx details plans to raise rates next year

--- FedEx Corp. said its will raise shipping rates starting next year, including an average increase of 3.9% at its air-shipping Express division and 4.9% for its ground and home-delivery services... Other planned changes unveiled by FedEx on Monday include raising freight shipment rates and charging customers more to ship large packages... Starting in February, FedEx also will adjust its fuel surcharges weekly instead of monthly, reducing the lag time between U.S. government fuel index changes and its surcharge adjustments to two weeks from two months...
(Photo Wikimedia: Air fleet. A Boeing 727–200 in Portland, Maine) -- Memphis, TENN, USA - The WSJ, by TESS STYNES - Sept. 19, 2016

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